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A marketing and monitoring solution
in one powerful tool

A timelapse camera records high-quality photos of daily activity onsite in specified time intervals. The ability to access the camera live and zoom in on photos remotely, plus incredible resolution, means site managers can use the timelapse camera as an additional surveillance tool. 

Versatility as a marketing and monitoring tool makes timelapse hugely appealing in the construction and mining industries. However, the possibilities are endless, and timelapse cameras have been used to document everything from concerts and sporting events to nature and even the earth from space.

Whatever your timelapse needs, Red Empire Timelapse is here to assist you in documenting the story of your project.

How it Works

Step 1

Our team will chat with you about your timelapse needs and provide you with a free, comprehensive quote along with any other ideas that will help bring the final video to life.

Step 2

Our team will install the camera and weather-proof housing (using either mains electricity or solar power) on your site. Here, it will take scheduled photos saved to both a drive and a cloud-based platform.

Step 3

We provide you with your own live, secure viewing portal where you can monitor, compare and download photos. This can also act as a great security tool for your site.

Step 4

Our team continue to monitor and maintain the camera throughout the duration of the timelapse project and can even create a timelapse update video when required.

Step 5

Once the project is complete, Red Empire will polish the complete video. For outstanding results, we recommend incorporating your timelapse into a complete promotional video.

Why choose Red Empire for your Timelapse?


Our live viewing portal allows you to view your timelapse in real-time and contains other exciting features like the ability to create “mini-timelapses”, zoom, and pan on photos and create instant photo comparisons. Photos can be downloaded, accessed, and shared from almost any device of your choosing and are securely password-protected.


Our comprehensive knowledge of timelapse and videography services guarantees our clients an expert opinion. With 20 years of video production experience, our team has the technical and creative proficiency to bring your timelapse story to fruition seamlessly.


From timely project delivery, data backups, and storage to clear and consistent communication, you can trust Red Empire across the board when it comes to timelapse solutions.


Timelapse is suitable for short or long-term projects. Choose the frequency of photos taken and alter them to suit your project’s needs. Timing can be programmed to reflect the busiest periods on-site or to capture extra photos during special events.


We use professional DSLR cameras with custom lens sizes. 24+ Megapixel photos provide a superior resolution that can be cropped and zoomed to highlight details.

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Thank you again for all your work on this project.
It has been a pleasure dealing with you and your team.

Nikki Da SilvaMarketing Officer - City of Gosnells
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