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The Sky is No Longer The Limit

Red Empire is proud to be the first Perth company to offer aerial hyperlapse videography services in Australia.

Hyperlapse vs Timelapse

A hyperlapse is essentially a timelapse that incorporates camera motion. The camera is moved between photos or videos that were captured using a drone, so the final video traverses over a location as it changes. This gives a very cinematic and fluid effect and can add that extra “wow” factor to a timelapse project.

Taking Hyperlapse to New Heights

Our impressive drone videography comes together with hyperlapse to form an exciting, innovative new marketing tool: aerial hyperlapse. Aerial hyperlapse is created by repeating drone flights over the same flight path over time. Then, this footage is edited together using morphing technology in the edit suite. 

Qualified Drone Pilots

Our drone operators hold all necessary drone certifications, including Remote Pilot Licence (RePL), Remote Operator’s Certificate (ReOC), and Radio Operator’s Certificate and are familiar with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority laws (CASA), so you can be assured we will safely and reliably capture your footage.

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