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Frequently asked questions

Will Red Empire Media install the camera and system?

Yes! We will take care of the entire installation process; you only need to provide an area to mount the system (see below).

How is the camera powered?

Either through a solar system connected to the housing or via access to mains electricity on the property. If the project does not require constant recording, solar power is a suitable choice.

Does the service require internet connection?

Internet connection is not required to take and save photos, and cameras are equipped with 500GB SSD cards so are able to store large amounts of photos.

However, the timelapse camera software requires a 3G/4G network connection to upload photos continuously. In the case of a connection outage, the camera will still record and save photos but will not be able to send them. 

While our technicians will monitor camera activity to ensure internet access is maintained, some areas without suitable network access or coverage may not be suited to the service. We are always happy to discuss and recommend system options.

What do I need to provide?

A secure place to mount the camera and housing where it is not easily accessible and therefore prone to theft or damage. A solid existing structure is best. If required, Red Empire Media will provide an Elevating Work Platform (EWP) to install the camera. Where there is no suitable pre-existing surface for installation, we may need to hire a concrete block and pole, which will incur additional charges.

What if the camera is stolen or stops working?

In the unlikely event that the timelapse camera is stolen or stops working, Red Empire Media will provide a replacement unit. If in the Perth metro area, a technician will attend the site and replace the unit. If in a remote location, an installation-ready replacement unit will be shipped to the site, and our technician will guide the installation over the phone.

More questions? No problem, our producers are here to help!