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Here are some case studies projects selected for you

Subiaco Oval Demolition – DevelopmentWA


Aerial hyperlapse footage and voiceover narration by legendary Australian sports commentator Dennis Cometti illustrate the epic transformation of the Subiaco oval site which started back in 2019.

  • Timelapse Duration: 1 year
  • Number of units: 1 Drone camera
  • Edit time: 1 Week
  • Project also included: Voiceover
  • Approximate Cost: $25, 000

SJOG Sky Sign Timelapse Video


This fun video journeys the construction of St John of God Murdoch’s new sky sign and includes a timelapse of the installation, which was shot over a week. This video perfectly exemplifies how timelapse can elevate the production value of a corporate video and make it even more compelling.

Approximate Cost

  • Timelapse Installation: $600
  • Timelapse Fee: $800
  • Editing: $1500
  • Total video cost: $2900
  • Timelapse Duration: 1 week
  • Number of units: 1 camera
  • Edit time: 10 hours
  • Project also included:
    • Narrative video
    • Drone coverage

Liebherr WIWO


Liebherr contracted us to create this video on their WIWO process, which is bookended by two time-lapses: one documenting the refurbishment of their 600-tonne excavator undercarriage and one documenting the arrival of the amended undercarriage at the Jimblebar mine site.

  • Timelapse Duration:
    • Perth: 10 days
    • Jimblebar: 5 days
  • Number of units: 1 Camera
  • Edit time: 2.5 Days
  • Project also included:
    • Overlay footage
    • Drone footage
    • Interviews
Approximate Cost

  • Timelapse Installation:
  • Perth Timelapse: $2000
  • Jimblebar Timelapse: $1550
  • Editing: $3000
  • Total video cost: $12,000

PMH Demolition


Another aerial hyperlapse video for Development WA, this time focusing on the renewal of the PMH site. This project required computing the drone GPS flight paths and then morphing the resulting footage in post-production. The hyperlapse footage was then cut into this video which also includes interview and overlay footage.

  • Timelapse Duration: 6 Months
  • Coverage: 9 Drone flights
  • Number of units: 1 Drone camera
  • Edit time: 1 Full Day
  • Project also included:
    • Overlay Footage
    • Interview
    • Photo Galleries
Approximate Cost

  • Drone filming and photography: $10,450
  • Editing: $1800
  • Total video cost: $12250

Agnew Hybrid Renewable Project


Red Empire Media were contracted by CS Foto to help document the ambitious Agnew Hybrid Renewable Project – Australia’s largest hybrid renewable microgrid. We captured timelapse footage of the 110m-high turbines being constructed from inside and out, and the solar farm in action, which includes 10,710 individual panels!

  • Timelapse Duration: 6 days
  • Number of units: 1 Camera
  • Edit time: 2.5 Full days
  • Project also included:
    • Map Animation
Approximate Cost

  • Timelapse: (Combined with other services)
  • Editing: $3000
  • Total video cost: $15,000

Murchison Radio Astronomy Observatory


Timelapse footage of the antennas and arrays that make up the Murchison Radio Observatory add a dynamic edge to this inspiring video. (Timelapse shots start from 1.25)

  • Timelapse Duration: Various
  • Number of units: 3 Cameras, Sony, GoPro and Canon 5Dm4
  • Edit time: 2 Full Days
  • Project also included:
    • Overlay Footage
    • Voiceover
    • Script
    • Travel to the outback
Approximate Cost

  • Timelapse filming: (Combined with other services)
  • Editing: 3 days
  • Total video cost: $10,000+GST including travel

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